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A data-driven content marketer, I love crafting compelling copy that provides my audience with tangible value, while also raising brand awareness and ultimately driving business.

Check out some of my latest pieces below or head over to the Webex Blog where I'm publishing most often these days.


With Webex, T-Mobile transformed how they collaborate and deliver incredible customer experiences.

When building a social media advertising strategy, competitive analysis is vital. Here are a few tools that make it easy, allowing you to find and analyze current ads that your key competitors are running.


While refraining from only trumpeting your company’s successes and offerings is a critical part of any social media marketing strategy, in a time of crisis like the current COVID-19 pandemic, tact and empathy become especially vital. Here are a few guidelines for brands seeking to thoughtfully approach social media.

When you’re pitching a new client, every little bit helps. Here are some ways you can leverage Twitter (and other social media platforms) to gain an extra edge. For a deeper dive, head over to the Attorney at Work blog to read my full piece on this subject.


When it comes to content marketing—especially Instagram marketing—Allbirds is doing something right.

Today, one of the most critical efforts for law firm management is developing a strategy for communicating with millennial attorneys and creating cultures where this younger generation can be productive and thrive. Learn more in this New York Law Journal article I co-authored with Elizabeth Lampert.


Head over to the Attorney at Work blog to read my full piece and jumpstart your next writing project, whether it be your first guest article for a top publication or your umpteenth blog post.

Check out the full guide from Attorney at Work and also see some quick tips my colleague Melita Jampol (Director of Marketing at Fenwick) and I contributed to the guide below.


Twitter Advanced Search. An often overlooked tool that can save the day when it comes to social media marketing. I share how in this brief post, also linking to some insightful guides from Buffer and Neil Patel.

Old metadata (title, image, description, etc.) still displaying on your social media thumbnails? Read on for a few helpful tricks you can use.

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